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Sociedad de Servicios Informáticos Integrados en la Agricultura


The heir to the Track’ n’ Guide software is now available for free for Android. Try it now on Google Play. Develop by one of the creator of Track’ n’ Guide find Christophe TIRADOS again with FieldCompanion

Our agricultural GPS or satellite banner is a field computer, more than a guidance system is a companion of the farmer, the product is composed by a computer “tablet pc” equipped with supports to be installed in different vehicles. “TNG Console” are managed all programs such as the guidance system, the management of implements, database of field work …

Combined with a submetric GPS receiver, it makes the layout on the field as described in reality, helping us with visual references in 3D to make parallel passes at the chosen distance depending on the implement used.

Main Characteristics of software :

  • Vision in 2D and 3D
  • Free Guidance or Linear A-B Guidance
  • Option to position brands (stones, posts, trees, pipes and others)
  • Automatic dosage control in fertilizer spreaders
  • Automatic management of sections in sprayers
  • Grain pitch sensor on precision seed drills
  • Fields management tools. A database stores all jobs to continue if they are not finished, or for future queries
  • All fertilizer, phytosanitary and seed data are saved for this particular plot and the field sheet is automatically created with all relative datas
  • Jobs can be viewed in aerial photo programs such as Google Earth (exporting datas in KML format)

Spreader manager

It is composed of control module and two electric pistons, these pistons open depending on the desired configuration in :

  • Forward speed
  • Overlapping area, for example in the turns of each pass
  • Depending on the area of the field in which we are

This system offers the following advantages:

  • Ideal dosage regardless of the feed speed
  • The dose is automatically recorded for each coordinate of the field
  • Wireless connection between implement and computer

Automatic sprayer

Management of sectors in liquid treatment machines

It is composed of a control module connected to the machine controller and offers the following configurations depending on:

  • Minimum speed, below a certain speed configured the equipment cuts the electrovalves
  • Setting the overlap percentage

This system offers the following advantages:

  • When the overlapping zone arrives, the sector stops applying the user more attention to the control
  • No more overlapping areas, saving the consequent expense on wasted product

Integrated traceability

In collaboration with the company MIRBLU we have developed a module that automatically records all the data related to crops within agricultural holdings.

It is divided into 3 parts:

  • Previous traceability: This involves linking the purchase of seeds from the producer to the storer
  • Treatments: This is the part in which all data on plant protection products and fertilizers are filled in
  • Post Traceability: This is again the link between the sale of the product between producer and storekeeper, cooperative, livestock farmer

Control of seed in seed drills

It consists of a capacitive sensor placed strategically close to the distribution plates of the machine. From the software we can see the flow of seeds and alert if a seed module is failing.

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